need MORE TRAFFIC ?!?!?

WHAT we do and HOW we do it

Do You need More Traffic for Your Business? If so have a look at what we do and How we do it, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

As a Contractor you’re probably promoting your business in several different ways. Although Groupon advertising has been one Ad source many use there are more profitable ways of driving traffic to your business – much more profitable!

See the article in this brief Video

It’s almost always profitable to offer a Special Promotion . . . when done right. However, when you share half of your promotional price you may end up with an expensive message. Groupon, as you know, takes half of the price paid for offers sold.

We like our clients to keep all of the money they collect. And it does not end there. If there’s ever any need for a refund, You take care of that with your Customer. Groupon collects those dollars in advance . . . just in case. We like you to have control.

We use Facebook in a strategic and specific way targeting those people who are most likely to want and most likely to buy your offers. Results? You receives More Sales!

When someone clicks on your Ad they see your promotion page as a mirror of the offer they just clicked on.

Regular Price $2,495 Now 20% off for only $1,999

The page they see will include:

– Your Promotional Offer, the price and the discounted price

– They will see the images that are applicable to you and your business, such as your Logo, etc.

And . . . we like to include 2 or 3 fresh favorable Reviews from your customers – this goes a long way to their understanding of who You are.

  • Your Prospects will click on Your coded Coupon in order to download it to their email.

– Advertisers, like Groupon, keep the emails that they receive from your customers. With us, you receive notification and you receive Your prospect’s email immediately upon their registration for your coded Coupon. This is huge because it allows you to send out emails as you wish, on a regular basis or for a Special Promotion, or for a Newsworthy item linked to your business. You have control of Your Customer.

– After your prospect receives your Coupon they will then receive a Thank You email, with your Logo and a message encouraging them to use their Coupon ASAP.

– We’ll also send out reminders to recipients to use their Coupon before it expires.

– We set up the offer You want with the price You want with an expiration date.

OK so . . . How can you get started?

We offer a no-obligation 10 day Trial for $50.

You pay us nothing for our expertise and services.

The $50 is for payment of your Facebook Ads that we run for you,

$5 per day for 10 days.

This is a simple way for you see if this is a fit for you.

And this approach allows you to decide whether or not you want to work with us on a month to month basis – no contracts, you may cancel at any time.

That done we’ll discuss a price point that is acceptable to you and for us to continue.

And all your payment information is between you and Stripe – to which we have absolutely no access.

If you wish to go forward with your 10 Day Trial – please – feel free to give us a call and we’ll arrange a time to get you set up. I’ll need a few details, takes perhaps 15 to 20 minutes.

928-249-1900 or email:

I hope you’ve found this to be informative . . . enough so that, I trust, we can arrange to do some business together as I look forward to working with you.

Thank YOU!

You have a GREAT Day and Bye for now

Joe Voutour

Affordable Custom Video DFY or DIY

When you need a Video and don’t have the time and/or skill we may
be able to provide an

Affordable Custom Video DFY or DIY

or we know a professional crew we can recommend.

Video when Done for you with this software will be produced at an affordable price point. Or if you want to DIY this explains what you can do with this same software.

So let me explain!

Your Custom Made Videos DFY via this software includes the following:
  1.  Your script . . . which, if needed, we’ll help you with that or even write for   you. If we edit or write your script you’ll be asked for your approval before   moving to the next step.
  2.  Counsel with choosing a good long-tail keyword phrase – the Title of your   Video – if need or want that help . . . and (suggestion) also the Title of a   related article.
  3.  Upon receipt of your approved script a voice-over audio file will be   produced.
  4.  Next – editing of that file.
  5.  The edited audio file is then forwarded to you for approval.
  6.   That done we go ahead and choose a template for your Video
  7.   Your script and audio are married together creating your Video

Affordable Custom Video DFY or DIY

More Editing is needed before the final steps

  1.    Bring in the appropriate images for each phrase/slide
  2.    Add appropriate Video clips and your images, if wanted
  3.    Review and choose highlighting within each slide
  4.    Choose placement of the phrase within each slide
  5.    Check movement on each slide and change when needed
  6.    Adjust coordination/timing of each phrase with the audio
  7.    Add a music file – playing softly in the background
  8.    Review the Video for any additional changes needed

One of the final steps is to Send Your Video out for Your final approval and any minor changes you need.

We will then make any changes possible and then either:
1. Return Your Video to you, or
2. Publish on YouTube

If we go ahead and publish on YouTube we follow their best practices. Among other things this includes:
1. Building a “Thumbnail”
2. Including the script in the description area with appropriate YouTube changes and additions.
3. The addition of “tags” other related keywords – up to 500 characters
4. Closed Captions showing YouTube we are helping those who may need this feature.

The above and a few other items YouTube likes helps gain first page recognition on Google – no guarantees but this works more often than not and that is our ultimate goal.

The talking heads claim, and the statistics prove, that video is being used more and more to search for product, services and . . . to learn about . . . almost any topic imaginable.

And . . . Video use is projected to continue to grow by all who know this area.

For examples of our Videos go to YouTube and in the search bar type: Joe Voutour – and connect with me on LinkedIn: “Joe Voutour”
If you have any comments or questions
If you want the software to DIY or want our current Affordable Custom Video DFY or DIY pricing . . . please . . .

feel free to get in touch:

Thank You

LinkedIn for Safe, Secure and Predictable Leads

YES and YES again . . . Use LinkedIn for Safe,Secure and Predictable Leads!

In addition you can depend on finding sufficient leads for just about any business you want to reach out to.

LOOK at this . . . LinkedIn currently has over 550 million users and growing!!

AND . . . LinkedIn’s people are among the top income earners in the US and throughout most of the world. You can probably get enough leads wherever you live to work locally. However, if you want to market your business internationally there is no better single source than LinkedIn.

The Second Reason there is no better source:
The first reason was there impressive size. But think of this, what other campaign can you promote where your message is 100% deliverable to your ideal prospects?

When I do Voice Drops or email marketing, radio or any other media I simply cannot expect anywhere near 100% deliverable. And . . . the price to do so is affordable. Do yourself a favor and check-out the pricing. Or, if you are able, and have the time . . . Do It Yourself.

 LinkedIn Leads are Safe:

Yes these folks are safe to approach. They are real and very approachable. They all get along. LinkedIn has something to say when one acts up.

LinkedIn Leads are Secure:

You cannot have a LinkedIn account without a good operating email. So you can be assured that the LinkedIn account is real, its secure.

LinkedIn Leads are Predictable:

When approaching 50 to 100 people to connect with you we can predict how many will connect. We can also predict how many will agree to talk with you, via messaging, phone or in person . . . if you prefer.

This no-hype LinkedIn Strategy actually fills your calendar with your ideal prospects who want to talk to YOU! Therefore, it is imperative that you use LinkedIn for Safe, Secure and Predictable Leads.

There are a number of things one needs to put into place properly in order to do LinkedIn profitably. The cost is reasonable and the rewards can be exceptional.

Look carefully at your profile. That however is another lesson for another time. Or, get in touch with me and we can discuss that as it is a necessity to have it done correctly.

With the right strategy you can be writing business within two weeks of starting. Sooner if you are a fast learner.

I know of no other source apart from LinkedIn for Safe, Secure and Predictable Leads where your messages are 100% deliverable TO YOUR IDEAL PROSPECTS. This is a Game Changer.

Let me encourage you to check this out – see my LinkedIn profile: Joe Voutour.

For more on the joys, profitability and the How-To of LinkedIn . . . let’s talk. It could dynamically change your business!

Send me an email: and we’ll connect.

Thank You,
Joe Voutour

How To Claim YOUR Business on Google AND Correct YOUR Citations

How To Claim YOUR Business on Google AND Correct YOUR Citations

With a FREE Google site connection you complete one of the first steps needed for Google to treat you well . . . meaning a better position when people search for you, your product or service and your business.

Google searches for who you are throughout the internet. They include your “Google My Business” account as well as YouTube. Having the proper and accurate information about your business is of utmost importance. mAnd it is a great start. But there’s more . . . read on.

Google Reviews is but one of over 55 “citation” accounts that Google Reviews. These are also “citation” Platforms and they indicate who they see you are. Most of their information is inaccurate. It may be missing, messed with by other people or wrong for any number of other reasons.

Inaccurate information confuses Google. When Google is confused they assume those searching for you are also confused. That being the case your Google positions are not favored. That includes your website, YouTube account, your Google Reviews and other areas of interest to Google.

How To Claim YOUR Business on Google

Here’s the “How-To” to claim or check
on your “Google My Business” account

FIRST:   In the Google search bar, type: Google my business
(now hit your keyboard “enter” key)

NEXT:   In the screen that appears click on “Verify your Business”

In the top right of the page that comes up – click on the green bar, top, far right. There’s no need to “sign-in”.

Fill in the Info:   From there simply fill in the information required, apply for your “verification code” and watch for any additional information you can include.

Google will mail your “Verification code” which you must enter into your account via your computer.

PLUS: set up your FREE Google web-site.

A Few Tips and Reminders:

–   Fill in ALL the information – A C C U R A T E L Y and
–   Send for your “VERIFICATION CODE” and be sure the mailed code
comes directly to you, or to an employee who knows what it is.
–   Apply your “verification” code as soon after it arrives as you can.
–   Add some good photos, at least . . . monthly.
–   Whatever other information you can add do it and do it frequently.

This will keep your account fresh and show Google you’re engaged.

Now . . . Google will like you and, what you’re doing, better and favor you more.

The next 2 steps:
1. Gather as many 5 star Google Reviews as possible.
2. In ALL of the other “citation” sites correct youor information.

Correct YOUR Citations

Talk to me . . . I’ll get a report to you showing the inaccuracies of your information and get that corrected for you. Or, you can go to 55 plus accounts, shown on this report, and correct each one yourself. Whichever you prefer.

Hope this helped,

Joe Voutour
Info@123The, or

Click here to review:      The #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-Part Package, for YOUR Local Business 

THE #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-PART PACKAGE, for YOUR Local Business

Today, in 2018-2019, and throughout the foreseeable future, this 5-Part Package is now and will continue to be . . .

The #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-Part PACKAGE, for YOUR Local Business!

#1? . . . YES!! . . . Because it absolutely works!

Some of these parts may be more difficult than others for some folk . . . BUT . . . keep in mind that you can choose the ones you want to do yourself versus, those you can have done for you.

This Video is a brief introduction to THIS article.

Part 1
A Business FACEBOOK page – An Engaging FB page

The key here is Engagement. When you have your audience “working with” you your sales will grow dramatically. If no one is listening AND responding do you really have an audience? Not really.

An audience that engages with what you post will at the same time share your content with their audience. This is how you can grow your audience.

There is a certain skill to this. And, there are a number of moving parts. See our resource page for DFY sources we recommend.

Or, ask about the 7-Day makeover, that may still be available, FREE!

Part 2

Your Website – Yes You Do Need One

Here again we need engagement. Include articles that your audience will interact with – enjoy – and engage. See the importance of Video below.

Don’t have a Website? In our economy today your potential clients expect you to have a web-page. Well . . . At the very least put together a free Google web-page. Something in this area will always be better than nuttin!

Google will do a FREE website – you put in the content, they will host it/publish it. It may not be the best but it is currently available.

Or, check-out Word Press as there are several FREE themes available. This is one of those. You will still need to purchase a hosting provider.

Part 3
Video – A Must on Your Website!

Google favors the websites with Video over those who do not have Video. The more the better. That is, the more videos you have on your website, the better.

A Realtor can always to an “Open House” video. Show what you have for sale. Shoot a video on your camera, add your description, publish it on YouTube and publish on your Newsletter. AND, place it on your webpage linking your video to an article. Your article needs to be no more than an embellishment of your video script. Link those to each other.

What do YOU have for sale? Or, what does your service look like? Tell your story on video. Have a look at this example of one man’s story. See what he went through to create his business.

What about a series of videos to teach your potential buyer about what you  and your products or service provides. What’s the story behind them?

With just a bit of creativity you can, at the very least, get started. START! Then look to see how you can improve things. We’ll be glad to help in any way you see fit.

Part 4
Google Reviews – This the most important part of  The #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-Part PACKAGE, for YOUR Local Business

This should be listed FIRST! Why? Because we’re looking for new business! We’re looking to grow! We’re looking for potential customer, clients or patients . . . who . . .  Do Not know that we even exist!

These people are searching for us on Google and other review platforms. They do not know where our Facebook or websites are.

Google Reviews are THE ESSENTIAL key to this whole Marketing Strategy Package.

According to YouGov,

78% of consumers in the US read reviews before making a purchase decision!

YouGov also found that 87% of consumers TRUST Online reviews as much as they TRUST friends and family’s referrals.

Online reviews are the new referrals system. YES, Personal Referrals are still exceptional. But online reviews are both easier to secure and they are also highly trusted . . . when done right!

TRUE STATEMENT: Online reviews are discovered by potential customers searching for your products and/or services. Your Facebook page and Website is not easily discovered . . . not until they know your name . . . not until they know who you are.

Once these folks find you they will THEN turn to your website and your Facebook page for verification and for more information. Now they know who you are!

They we’re referred to you by a good friend or by finding you service the “product” they want, or by  finding you provide the service they want.

Hopefully, the picture is now a bit clearer.

We often hear website developers say: “Do not buy any other service until we get your website fully developed!”

  1. Your Website is a breathing, living organism that is never fully completed.
  2. It is YOUR referrals, your REVIEWS, that bring people to YOU, to Your Facebook page and . . . to Your website. Therefore START with a strong, aggressive strategy to out-perform your competition with excellent Reviews and significantly more reviews than they have. Your customers, if you treat them right, will do that for you.

Google Reviews are the staring point for your “5 Part Package” because this is the “feeder line” to and for the other parts of YOUR package Strategy!

Part 5
A “Google My Business” Account

You need to have this account filled out with as much information as it will handle. PLUS, the other 55, or more, review sites need to have the correct data about your business.

If you do not know how to claim your company, or correct your inaccurate information of what Google has about you review this article for help.

Also, ask us for our 55 Site Review Report. This will tell you how accurate your information is through some 55 review or citation sites. And, we will make this available to you FREE!

Our experience is that the majority of businesses have more than 50% of their information inaccurate throughout these 55 sites. When Google reviews that information they will not favor that business as well as a business with solid accurate information. Talk to us about this . . . it is important to your online presence.

With these strategies in place, in most cases, you will be the Go-To-Business in your discipline in your local. Your competition will be hard pressed to overtake or overcome your online presence.

Please feel free to contact us for further clarification – and – leave your comments below!

The practice of these 5 important keys, or strategies, that will greatly improve your online presence. THE #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-PART PACKAGE, for YOUR Local Business!

Hope the above helps.

Joe Voutour
Online Reviews – Video – Facebook

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The Importance of Google Reviews – They are A most critical area and are to be aggressively pursued.

The Importance of Online Reviews which are Trusted by most the same as a personal referral or testimony! Multiply them!

GiveAway Masters: The Story of it’s Creation

GiveAway Masters: The Story of its Creation

Is This The Third Unlimited? What is that? and, is this that? It is interesting so . . . read on or . . . see the Videos below.

For the shorter version, if you have not already seen this video . . . have a look.

For the complete story, via Video, scroll to the bottom of this article. Or read on for the full video script.

Giveaway Masters! Scott tells us the story of how it was born, how he brought it to life and how success can be repeated.

The following was written by Scott Powell:

My name is Brien Scott Powell I’m the son of Woodson Lea Powell and Christine Mckenzie Williamson.
I was adopted and I’m here to help . . .
I began my story 34 years ago . . . after my 3rd DWI, I was given the opportunity to spend two weeks in jail and 30 days in rehab.
At 22 my life needed a change even though I didn’t know it.

The single most important event in my life occurred on May 22nd, 1984.
I had been in rehab 4 days and had no idea what an alcoholic was . . . not me . . . I had been the captain of my high school football team . . . captain of the baseball and soccer teams . . . MVP in all three sports in my senior year of high school . . . me an alcoholic . . . not possible!

Then on to college. I was the captain of the Snow Skiing Teams at 2 Colleges . . . with a 3.0-grade point average.

After four days of fighting, mentally that is, I thought this last 24 days in rehab would be easier if I played along with these simpletons.

I went to group therapy . . . . said, “My name is Scott and I’m an alcoholic.” Time stopped . . . I felt an overwhelming sense of peace I had never experienced before . . . I felt God talking to me saying everything was going to be alright, if, you do everything these people tell you to do.

I had a vital spiritual experience and my life has been different from that moment until now.

Jump forward 34 years . . . still clean and sober and the single most important fact in my life every day.
I’ve been a salesman all my working life.
First experience in selling was with an MLM company!
Growing up in Banner Elk NC I had no idea what a pyramid was . . . so I had no obstacles to overcome . . .

The key was . . . I WAS TEACHABLE!

The Power of “62” in Scott’s life

I listened to the folks in my up-line . . . now at 24 years old, I had never sold anything . . . did what I was told . . . too stupid not to . . . now I had been reading Think and Grow Rich every day for 60 days . . . reading and listening to audio tapes . . . I felt it was preparing my mind.

My results? Ok . . . in 62 days I sold 162k worth of water filters and my first two commission checks totaled $62,000 and the company, NSA, that year was the 62nd fastest privately owned company in the great ole USA!
Being TEACHABLE pays off! And 62 became a special number.

Ok, let’s jump ahead again.

At age 52 I decided to go into the wonderful world of Internet Marketing . . .
Here’s a bit of the Back Story . . . can’t make this up . . . In AA . . . Bill Wilson was really a drunks drunk, hopeless . . . he was not interested in AA being what it is today . . . Bill wanted to make MONEY!!!!!!!!! LOL
When Alcoholics Anonymous started in 1935 . . . the co-founder was Dr. Bob Smith a surgeon in Akron Ohio, known as Dr. Bob.

Bill was a stock-broker and Co-Founder along with Dr. Bob.
They thought they could start a business where Bill was the sales guy and Dr. Bob, the Medical Director was to create a chain of treatment centers.

Yes, Bill Wilson wanted to start a business, not a Movement!
So when the greed kicked in he sent a list of 61 rules to all the small groups.
He had to organize this thing. He was THINKING this was about him controlling it.

He only got back one response . . .
AA’s Rule 62 “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.”

God had bigger plans for the 12 Step Movement than ole Bill Wilson!

So when I was a Drug Abuse Counselor for a year and a half . . . working with kids. I was a bit unconventional. Never been what one would call . . . normal!

So my therapy technique focused on Groucho Marx glasses.
I called them my Rule 62 Glasses. Hey . . . Why not?

When the troubled kids came in my office I had them put the Rule 62 glasses on and tell their problems to a mirror!
Ya know . . . it worked every time!!??!!
It changed their state i.e. Tony Robbins

Just like all the 62’s in my first attempt at selling . . . kinda cool huh???
62 is one of my cool numbers . . . 12 is another.

Ok so then I got into IM . . . Internet Marketing.
I was eager . . . ready . . . hungry!
So I figured the best way was this teachable thingy . . . in the previous 28 to 30 years I made a great living selling . . . I love helping people by giving them solutions to their problems.

That’s what selling is to me . . . solving people’s problems.

So Internet Marketing . . . I get in . . . I’m excited and started buying what I needed . . . But, I had TWO problems . . . Painfully low in any techy stuff . . . and . . . part-time!

WOWZA I had a problem . . . I couldn’t do everything I needed to DO. I couldn’t even understand the instructions. Who can?

No way I could work full time and come home and be a product creator . . . an email setter upper . . . a salesman . . . and everything else!
I just couldn’t do it, I didn’t understand how to make it happen . . . Do You?

Over a period of 4 years of trying . . . and spending over $32,000 I could not make this thing work! Have You?

And I am not the tallest, best looking, smartest fella you will ever meet……but one thing I do have . . . no quitting sense. I’ve got no quit in me . . . I just don’t know how to quit!

But I kept remembering Think and Grow Rich . . . ask for help . . . IMAGINE!

So I looked at the problem like a mathematical equation . . . two pieces . . . one result!

Too stupid not to try what Napoleon Hill said:
1. Unlimited Traffic
2. Unlimited Products
3. How to link the two Unlimiteds?????

Well, when Al Gore created the internet folks figured they could sell there!
The internet folks decided to go the HOW-TO route!

GiveAway Masters: The Story of its Creation

The internet marketers would sell folks The Manual and. . . tell them how-to-do-things that would make them money!
Problem . . . The Manual idea did not bring great results!

Over time the HOW-TO method resulted in 92% of the folks . . . part-time and low tech . . . making less than a $1,000 a month.
My question was: Is that good enough?
I said NO! No those two unlimited, Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Products were not enough . . . there HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY! And I was determined to find it!

So Think and Grow Rich says . . . IMAGINE you are getting help!

So every day I sat and IMAGINED! I imagined that I was talking to Albert Einstein . . . we will find a better way!

So, the very next day I took some quiet time to talk to Al . . . told him this problem and the possibility if something else was put in that third spot.

I was sleeping one night . . . about two weeks later . . . I had this strange dream . . . I saw some kind of mechanical gears . . . it was dark, I could hardly see in the darkness . . . but the darkness was kind of surrounded by a very dim light . . .

Then one of the gears shifted and the motor seemed to switch on . . . the whole motor kind of struggled and started moving . . .

Then the light got brighter and I could hear this whirring sound . . . and I saw writing on a piece of paper beside the engine . . . the third unlimited that I was looking for . . . the words . . . “working with”.

I understand 100% how you might take this . . . yes, even you. If it didn’t happen to me, and I read what you just heard, I would think this person is a nut-case or a liar or he’s completely lost his mind.

I can’t offer you anything more than the truth . . . my experience. This happened and has been THE force driving me to overcome almost unbearable obstacles to be where we are at today.

So what happened next? . . . after I decided I was sane . . . I started applying what this “WORKING WITH” thing could mean. I had no idea but figured the way it was going . . . what did I have to lose?

Part-time and low tech . . . WAS NEVER GOING TO WORK! Except for those sellers selling their hopes to dopes.

But IF . . . with the two Unlimiteds: Non-techie and part-time . . . a strategy of EPIC failure . . . a 92% FAILURE rate . . . what about that Third Unlimited . . . the “WORKING WITH” idea. How would that work?

What the bright Shiny Object creators and sellers do not have . . . and I might be a bit harsh here . . . I’m going to call a spade a spade . . . but this is my message back to those who ridiculed me, laughed at me and kicked me out of their groups . . . and those who ripped me off.

The bright Shiny Object creators and sellers have NO KAHUNAS (could use another word for dramatic effect – starts with a B but we’ll pass on that) those people have no TRUE PASSIONATE BELIEF in what they’re creating and selling . . .

Why? Because they’re not willing to put one microscopic cell of their own cotton picking skin into the game.

They’re willing to sell people and then they’re left to fend for themselves.
No Kahunas!

I’ve just got 3 words to this unethical kahuna less terds……..’BYE, BYE and BYE.”

Maybe 4 more words if I might, and then I am DONE with them, and moving forward to the work I was destined to do . . . to help people.

Those 4 words? . . . “I TOLD YOU SO!”

OK, so I went on and spent close to the next 4 years sharing my idea . . . I got laughed at, ridiculed, ripped off . . . experienced rejection I would not wish on anyone, even me. I wanted to quit 100 times . . . did . . . but then when I laid down at night I could hear that darn whirring sound again.

I tried coaching . . . got ripped off from the most despicable person I have met in IM . . . a true and complete and utter scum bag gutter rat . . . and am I bitter . . . no . . . one day the way he treats people, it’s gonna catch up to him.

I got into groups of people wanting to make money online . . . shared my “WORKING WITH” idea . . . seemed to make more and more sense to me!

NO . . . they Laughed . . . moderators and owners of FB groups asked me to leave or just kicked me out.

I even came up with a name for the strategy. I called it . . . NFOP . . . Newbie Failing Online Paradigm. 92% of those who enter IM will make 1k a month or less. And those bright Shiny Object sellers . . . they know that. Most, if not all, have a serious . . . serious . . . issues with their ethics.

Failure after failure . . . I’ve read a lot about success . . . seems every success is built on failure after failure.
But there’s one common ingredient of those who succeed . . . As Churchill said: Never, Never, NEVER, GIVE UP!

3 major breaks did come my way . . . and I can’t share this with enough sincerity . . . before I share those let me say with all sincerity,
You are to never give up . . . Things eventually will bend in your favor.
And . . . You just have to decide!
Decide that you’re willing to go to any length to see your Vision to reality.

One thing my momma taught me through my Grandfather . . .
John T. Mckenzie. I called him Daddy John.
Daddy John taught me early on things that only benefitted me . . .
because I applied them…..

He told me to remember 3 things ALWAYS

1. If it ain’t right don’t do it
2. If it ain’t yours don’t take it
3. It ain’t true don’t say it

My First Break: 

Finding a Google Review System which is a jewel of epic proportions . . . Google is really our best friend . . . they’re doing everything they can to encourage folks to leave reviews. 3rd party Documentation everywhere!

One thing I learned about selling and Paradigm Shifting . . . was to catch a trend at the right time and HOLD ON!
Online Reviews are a TREND there’s not just a fad . . . more and more folks . . . like millennials use them when deciding who to do business with. Today online reviews are the same as yesterday’s personal referrals.

Google will reward your business with better rankings when you have consistent Google Reviews. We found an automated system that will help your business . . . or ANY BUSINESS . . . get a consistent flow of 4 and 5 Star Reviews! Now, this can be H U G E for You!

My 2nd Break

Social Agency Pro is the single most brilliant business model ever created.

These wonderful people showed me the business model that made everything fall into place.

They got a bunch of people to give them a little money so they could to be their lead generators. They give away their service FREE for a week . . . THEY DO THEIR SERVICE FOR YOU . . . and then they both make money together when the deal closes. They “worked with” their people!

The Google Review Service I found is even better . . . more reach, a simpler onboarding process . . . and . . .
GOOGLE helps business people know that they need it.
This is FREE for A full 30 days to help the business owner see and get RESULTS.

Then ask for a small monthly fee to keep the results coming.

I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to the ladies of Social Agency Pro and will never forget their vital contribution.

My 3rd Break

– Sharing my idea with Kenny Cannon.
This is a man I have the utmost respect for. A little secret . . . please just between us. First time I heard this guy . . . Best Salesman I ever heard . . . and I’ve heard them all.

He has this combination of being brash and sincere at the same time that is just amazing!

I knew I needed the right person to help me share GiveAway Masters with the world. I shared idea after idea with this man for 4 years and he said NO every single time.

Until I shared the combination of Google Reviews and Done For You or “with you”. He shared on video what he said, about the moment I shared my idea with him. Possibly the greatest compliment I have ever received and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

So . . . You can see what having a “no quitting mind-set” WILL get you! I got a Partnership with The Greatest Salesman in The World!
And . . . you can take that to the Bank . . . literally! YOU CAN!

NOW . . . now, we are unleashing GiveAway Masters to the world!

We’ve added Jeff Robinson (another World-Class guy) to handle our Fulfillment and help Kenny train our GiveAway Masters’ members.

Now, “The Rest of The Story” . . .

We’re about to disrupt the pricing structure of the Digital Services Industry AND Transform the IM industry . . . where people like me can succeed . . . you know . . . low tech and part-time (but think what you could do full-time!!!).

We will offer every digital service the local business owner needs, to our Members, at wholesale prices.

Then, our Members will offer those services at below present pricing. Everyone Wins!

Doubt us? We are building an Army NOW!

Let me add a few brief last things as I end my story . . .

First is about BELIEF . . . most folks have it backward. . . they think it sees then believe . . . doesn’t work that way. If you are listening to this and you don’t want to join us . . . maybe this is something that might benefit you anyway.

BELIEVE first and work every day to turn that into an unshakeable belief . . . to succeed, bringing your Vision into Reality . . . you’re gonna need a level of BELIEF that you’re not capable of right now. You’re going to be required to forge that BELIEF as solid as the universes strongest element . . . after that . . . piece of cake. Doing that is why few DO!

Last Thing! Here’s a formula for Happiness that works for me. Why?
If one is Happy . . . no matter what . . . it makes NEVER giving-up a ton easier.

Ok the formula: 3 questions asked every night before you lay your head down for a peaceful night of rest and . . . One simple suggestion. My Formula for Ridiculous Happiness . . . try it, it works for me, might work for you.

1. Today did I LIVE?

Live in 24-hour segments . . . GIVE ALL YOU GOT EVERY DAY . . . you might not get another day . . . make this one count.

2. Today did I LOVE?

Money does not matter . . . Things do not matter . . . God’s other kid’s matter. Today tell the people you love . . . how much!
You and they might not be here another day.

3. Today did I Matter?

The answer is simple here . . . DO 1 and 2 above.
The answer to 3 . . .  is then on autopilot!

Last thing, One suggestion on how to treat God’s other kids . . . IMAGINE how God would want you to treat them. And treat every person you meet this day . . . as your only day.
Yes, as if it were the last time you will ever see them.

There you  have  it folks, the birth of GiveAway Masters

Thank You for your interest in this no-frills, non-techy business opportunity as an affiliate.

`. . . feel free to comment below.

If you have questions . . . or want more information you can reach me by email at:
When emailing me, for quicker attention, in the Subject Line write:      “Giveaway Masters info”.

Below is a view of the above story in a very interesting Video Presentation:

GiveAway Masters: The Story of its Creation

Interested? If so, send me an email so we can talk.

Thank You!

In the meantime, please leave a comment below.

How To Giveaway Gifts to Business Owners and WHY???

In about 3 minutes let me show You how to give away gifts to Business Owners . . and . . . WHY???       + earn a good income!

Listen . . . I have a non-Shiny Object  that is nothing short of Amazing!

I hate to admit this but I, perhaps like you, have bought far too many Shiny objects.


I could give you a list but let me ask you a simple question instead.

Have you ever purchased a digital product with the promise that anyone can do this? But after you made your purchase you find out that you needed to be far more knowledgeable about the internet than you ever wanted to be?

I finally found a product that I can d – a non-Shiny Object! How to give away gifts to business owners! It’s not only easy it’s something just about every business owner NEEDS! And . . . that is just one of the major reasons as to . . . WHY do This?

Let me ask you another question: Can you give away a gift, Free gifts to business owners? Could you give a Free gift to your auto mechanic, your barber or salon?

Could you give a Free gift to your electrician, landscaper, and to your dentist and chiropractor?

YES!!! YES!! . . . and . . . YES!!!

OK, if you can give away FREE gifts to business owners then you can do this and make a  good income. That’s what we are all about, how to give away gifts to business owners and get paid for doing so!

How to Giveaway Gifts To Business Owners and . . . WHY???

This is a product that most, if not every local business, needs!

In fact, if they do not use Your gift they’ll end up giving a lot of the money away to their competitors – money that they could have kept in their own pocket!.

The company behind this gift has an outstanding goal.

Their goal is to disrupt the pricing structure of the digital services industry. More about that another time but that means more dollars in Your pocket.

For every one you refer, people Who decide they like this Gift giving concept, you will earn $248.50.

And, for every business You make a gift to, you have the potential to earn $97 – month after month after month!

Do the math and you’ll be delighted.

There are a few details you need to know, nothing earth shattering.

Your take home pay for, say 10 clients paying $97 each, after PayPal and administration fees would amount to about $850 EVERY MONTH!

So Why do this?

Because it’s hard to Beat FREE!

It’s hard to Beat:
– Something every business needs, and
– A company who takes care of you
In fact their plan is to sell more digital items to each
of your clients and pay you a handsome commission.

They do the selling! It just Does Not get much better than that!

It’s hard to Beat:
– No worries about traffic
– No worries about doing any technical stuff
– Great support to train you and to answer all of your questions

OH! . . .  and did I say FREE!   – Yes – that is what you do.

Give away this product as a gift. It’s a 30 day Free Trail.

At the end of 30 days the company bills your client $97 and pays you up to $85 each.

I’m sure you have a few questions. But DO NOT MISS this opportunity to, at the very least, see if this is a fit for you or not.

There’s no Shiny Object here – this is real and whether you’re a techie person or a people person this will work for you.

So . . . give me a call:  253-740-5313  AZ time . . . please.

Joe Voutour
Business Development Specialist

Note:    Although this presentation is mainly for someone considering to become an affiliate the product here is for YOU to use for Your business.

If you want to achieve a better position online, on the internet, this tool will do that and more. Most of our clients see an increase in their business within 45 days or less.

So feel free to call me if you want more information or if you have a question about How to giveaway gifts to business owners and . . . WHY???

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Google 4-5 Star Reviews Fast and Easy

Google 4-5 Star Reviews Fast & Easy

Are Online Reviews Necessary?

Are Online Reviews Necessary?

Discover The POWER of 1 Referral Multiplied!

The Power of 1 Referral Multiplied

Business Videos YOU Can Afford

You can Now get Quality Business Videos at 50% less?

Since most of us work on a budget Video needs to be affordable. The other question is wrapped in that word “needs”.

Every business needs video because it’s the preferred way to communicate, at least online.

So . . . when we can do Video within your budget and produce the quality you want we both win! Have a look at this video. Is this style a good fit for you?

First a few reasons WHY Video and then . . . a look at below market pricing.

You need Video for several reasons.   Here’s a few: 

1.   Your website will rank much better when video is included in your website. If you have multiple products or different services, provide several videos.

Break your business down into several segments and do a series of videos over time. You can do this for your various products or services.

2.   Video can greatly increase the understanding of your Product or Service!! Perhaps even teach your audience about what you are doing and providing. And, again do a series of videos.

Why a series of Videos? Because our attention span is limited. Two minutes is the maximum. You may go up to 10 minutes when teaching a course but keep the first few to less than 2 minutes each, less than 1 minute is even better. Draw your audience in. Then once you have captivated their attention you may go longer.

When you have a series of videos you can mix up the duration times. People will often watch several. But most folks like the idea that they can get your information is small quantities.

3.   Images plus Text tells a stronger story!
And . . . when you mix in moving images your message makes a stronger impact.

How about animation? That is a love or hate issue. The faster the animation the shorter the attention span. This may be an age issue. Younger ages can perhaps handle more information delivered quickly than those over a certain age.

What about Below Market Cost ? !!!

Now you Can afford Video. And . . . maintain good quality.

How does that work?
Eliminate the expenses of a crew, a set, locations and celebrities.

Be wiser in the production process. Use images with text and a narrator. We can even mix moving images with still shots and pan those.

See the Video here (above) for an example of the Theme, Style, and the Look and Feel. This Video has the quality and the look and feel of what we offer.

When it comes to cost, for this type of video, there are a few items you need to consider:
–   You can supply your own text/script or we will write one for you. When we write your script you will be asked to review it no more than 3 times for youer approval and go-ahead.

–   Your cost will be invoiced, and needs to be paid, in advance of production.

–   You may supply, images and voice over, or we will take care of that for you.

–   What you supply versus what we do, typically, will make little, if any, difference in our pricing as we find the more the client supplies the more time it takes us to complete the project.

–   Your price will vary on the basis of a one time, or periodic projects versus a monthly commitment. And, we will apply a discount for contracts paid in advance for 6 months or longer.

–   Pricing is also dependent on the length of your Video.

–   Our pricing tends to run considerably less than the ranges the market charges. Often up to 50% less.

Contact us for examples of our work – see the Videos above – and for pricing you can expect.

Joe Voutour
Business Development Specialist
Please . . . leave a message as I am often on the phone.
Thank You!

10 Steps to Lead Your Field A 5 Star Review Strategy

YES, with these 10 Steps you will Lead Your Field With This 5 Star Review Strategy.   –   find links to hyperlink as many words as possible

Your Business, or Your field of business, your product or service will appear in the top positions with this 5 Star Review Strategy!

The statistics are such that every local business needs a strong strategy to dominate their discipline in their community.

What makes you better than your competition?

In the mind of the consumer you are perceived better because of your up-to-date and current reviews. People do not care how you ranked 3 or 4 months ago. They want to know who you are today.

Do not be overwhelmed by the following as the majority of it can be done effectively and inexpensive . . . even cheap!.

For a Strong Dominating 5 Star Position you will need to do the Following

1.   Customer Service
For 5 star reviews we must start with a business where the customers love you! Excellent Customer Service always prevails!

2.   Google
It is easy to do. You probably already have a Google Business page. If not you may click here to build your Business Google page. Go to the “HOME” tab click on the green “Start Now” button and have some fun – fill in the info to build a FREE Google web page for your visitors.

This will allow for your Google Reviews. It will also help with your Google positioning when people search for you and your services.

3.   Educate
Educate your customer on how to leave a review. If you have a system, tell them how it works.

If you outsource your invitations to be sent, tell them to expect your invitation on their phone before the end of the day (or in the next few seconds) and ask for their comments, good or bad.

First you need to invite your clients, patients or customers to write a review. No invitation will be completed unless it is sent . . profound . .

5.   Engagement
Whenever a comment, or a review, is left . . . please . . . please . . . respond. The majority of people expect/want a response. Most people never see one. Go above and beyond – that is what excellent customer service is all about – engage with your audience. Respond with kindness, even love, to their comments.

Most of the “getting reviews” can be farmed out. This area you, or someone in love with working with you, needs to do. Become a feedback fanatic. WHY? Most of your competition will not do this. And, your reputation can explode. You will become The go-to-people in your business type in your local area,

6.   Keep it Simple
The process must be easy for your customer to complete. Most do not want to or know how to get to Google to leave a review. Therefore it does not get done.

The above is also exactly true for most local business owners. Or, there just is not enough time in the day to do this. Therefore it never happens.

That is when it is best to turn to an outside source. For a 30 day Free Trial click here.

7.   Email Signature
Sign all your emails with an invite to leave a comment about your business. You can hyperlink this to your “Leave a Comment” button or your “Leave a Review” button as part of your email signature. See the “Settings” button in your email home page to set up your signature.

Or, in the signature area include simple hyperlinked phrase like: “Your Feedback is appreciated, Please . . . Leave a Google Review.”

8.   Email Invitations
Other than Customer Service, and engagement, the above can all  be Done For You. This one is for you to do, if you have the time, or a key person devoting a significant amount of time.

And . . . this person also needs a specific skill set to do this right. Email!

First you need to set up a series of email invitations. Most of your customers will not respond to the first email invitation received.

These emails give your customers a choice of leaving a positive email, a 4 or 5 star rating. Or, they may register a complaint, a 3 or less star rating. Depending on which they choose your customer is routed to the appropriate page to carry out their wishes, or yours.

For a more detailed article on how-to do this click here.

9.   Set-up a Google Account
You do not need a gmail account. When you set-up, free by the way, just place in the box “I prefer my own email”.

Keep in mind that if you have any Google related account you already have a Google account. So, you already have a Google account if you have an account with: YouTube, Blogger, Maps, Chrome and a lot more other Google related accounts.

Did you list your business on Google my business, or, do you have a Google search bar? You guessed it . . . you already have a Google account.

10.   Do not Offer an Incentive for a Google Review!
This is not legit when playing with Google. So . . . simple . . . don’t do it as you will more than likely be found out and shut down.

With these 10 Steps to Lead your field you have the makings for an excellent 5 Star Reviews Strategy.

Google 4-5 Star Reviews Fast and Easy

There are 3 basic ways to get more Google 4-5 Star Reviews fast and easy. Have a look to see which one you prefer to get this job accomplished.

After all when all is said and done asking for Google Reviews is your choice.

Joe Voutour interview as seen on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, and numerous other media outlets such as Wave News.

For me, the hardest way to ask for Google Reviews is to pose the question to each and every customer after they make a purchase. This approach is not the preferred path for most of us. Plus your customer is not likely to pause and register their review before they leave. Then the question is, will they take the time to do it latter?

Three Ways to Ask For Online Reviews

But following are 3 other ways to ask to get online Reviews.

Personally I prefer Number 3 to be the best and the easiest to secure 4-5 star reviews fast and easy. That’s why we saved it to talk about last, it’s the best.

Number one

Send an email to every customer.

We find that a lot of people are now reluctant to surrender their email.
But if you have a list and want to do this right you’ll need to send a series of emails.

Most folks are unlikely to respond to your first request. So how many is enough versus how many become annoying. What would you feel comfortable with as the recipient. Start there if this is your preferred strategy.

Number Two

Educate your customers on How to leave a review.

On this one you can get some help from Google. We think there’s a better way. However, if you have the time, go for it knowing that this approach too can be somewhat time consuming.

You could publish a flyer and leave it for your customers to see and pick up while at your place of business. How effective that might be is questionable. How many will read it let alone do it?

Number Three, my personal favorite!

Google 4-5 Star Reviews Fast and Easy

Here it is, the best way to get more online Reviews. Take about 10 seconds to record your customer’s phone number on your computer desktop.

Really? . . . YES! . . .  that is about all there is to it once you are set-up with the software we recommend.

And the set-up is even easier. When you receive the set-up email simply drag and drop the icon onto your desk top computer. When you have a customer, you click on that icon, enter their phone number and they soon thereafter receive your Thank You and a request to leave a review. To make the invite more personal add their name as well.

Your customer receives a low key, warm friendly invitation from you . . . Thanking them for doing business with you . . . and . . . asking for a review of their experience with you.

Since this is FREE, and it has zero obligations, let’s get you started now – FREE! Click on this button and away we go. Free and no obligations.

To get started click on the above button, or click here to enroll!  Then,  simply fill out the details and we will get in touch and  get you set-up within 48 hours. YES . . . FREE for 30 days. See how many Reviews we can help you secure in 30 days then cancel and they are all yours . . . if you wish.

True, this is a cost item. However, we think so much of the quality of this product that we are willing to offer a no obligation 30 day FREE trial of the software that does all of this for you.

The cost? After taking the 30 day Free Look-see, the current discounted price is only $97 per month, for as long as you keep the service in place.

Disclaimer Yes, we are an affiliate for this company. After all, we need some way to pay the bills and keep food on the table. Sorry about that.

Please . . .  feel free to contact me via email: Leave me your contact information and I’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.

Or, if you prefer you can call me at (if I’m not in, leave me a message after about 6 rings), sorry about that but I’m on the phone a lot: 252-563-8688.

If interested we can send you a Video that will show you exactly what your customer, client or patient will receive. The Video shows you exactly the set-up process as well as the exact request your customer will experience.

And the above Video, Google 4-5 Star Reviews Fast and Easy, does all of that in 4 minutes.

Plus . . . you will see how to get more of the type of Reviews you want, the 4 and 5 star reviews!

Thank You,
Hope to talk with you soon. Bye for now

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To pick up your FREE copy, send your request to our email, and ask for: “THE ESSENTIAL Customer Service TUTORIAL” at::