Affordable Custom Video DFY or DIY

When you need a Video and don’t have the time and/or skill we may
be able to provide an

Affordable Custom Video DFY or DIY

or we know a professional crew we can recommend.

Video when Done for you with this software will be produced at an affordable price point. Or if you want to DIY this explains what you can do with this same software.

So let me explain!

Your Custom Made Videos DFY via this software includes the following:
  1.  Your script . . . which, if needed, we’ll help you with that or even write for   you. If we edit or write your script you’ll be asked for your approval before   moving to the next step.
  2.  Counsel with choosing a good long-tail keyword phrase – the Title of your   Video – if need or want that help . . . and (suggestion) also the Title of a   related article.
  3.  Upon receipt of your approved script a voice-over audio file will be   produced.
  4.  Next – editing of that file.
  5.  The edited audio file is then forwarded to you for approval.
  6.   That done we go ahead and choose a template for your Video
  7.   Your script and audio are married together creating your Video

Affordable Custom Video DFY or DIY

More Editing is needed before the final steps

  1.    Bring in the appropriate images for each phrase/slide
  2.    Add appropriate Video clips and your images, if wanted
  3.    Review and choose highlighting within each slide
  4.    Choose placement of the phrase within each slide
  5.    Check movement on each slide and change when needed
  6.    Adjust coordination/timing of each phrase with the audio
  7.    Add a music file – playing softly in the background
  8.    Review the Video for any additional changes needed

One of the final steps is to Send Your Video out for Your final approval and any minor changes you need.

We will then make any changes possible and then either:
1. Return Your Video to you, or
2. Publish on YouTube

If we go ahead and publish on YouTube we follow their best practices. Among other things this includes:
1. Building a “Thumbnail”
2. Including the script in the description area with appropriate YouTube changes and additions.
3. The addition of “tags” other related keywords – up to 500 characters
4. Closed Captions showing YouTube we are helping those who may need this feature.

The above and a few other items YouTube likes helps gain first page recognition on Google – no guarantees but this works more often than not and that is our ultimate goal.

The talking heads claim, and the statistics prove, that video is being used more and more to search for product, services and . . . to learn about . . . almost any topic imaginable.

And . . . Video use is projected to continue to grow by all who know this area.

For examples of our Videos go to YouTube and in the search bar type: Joe Voutour – and connect with me on LinkedIn: “Joe Voutour”
If you have any comments or questions
If you want the software to DIY or want our current Affordable Custom Video DFY or DIY pricing . . . please . . .

feel free to get in touch:

Thank You

LinkedIn for Safe, Secure and Predictable Leads

YES and YES again . . . Use LinkedIn for Safe,Secure and Predictable Leads!

In addition you can depend on finding sufficient leads for just about any business you want to reach out to.

LOOK at this . . . LinkedIn currently has over 550 million users and growing!!

AND . . . LinkedIn’s people are among the top income earners in the US and throughout most of the world. You can probably get enough leads wherever you live to work locally. However, if you want to market your business internationally there is no better single source than LinkedIn.

The Second Reason there is no better source:
The first reason was there impressive size. But think of this, what other campaign can you promote where your message is 100% deliverable to your ideal prospects?

When I do Voice Drops or email marketing, radio or any other media I simply cannot expect anywhere near 100% deliverable. And . . . the price to do so is affordable. Do yourself a favor and check-out the pricing. Or, if you are able, and have the time . . . Do It Yourself.

 LinkedIn Leads are Safe:

Yes these folks are safe to approach. They are real and very approachable. They all get along. LinkedIn has something to say when one acts up.

LinkedIn Leads are Secure:

You cannot have a LinkedIn account without a good operating email. So you can be assured that the LinkedIn account is real, its secure.

LinkedIn Leads are Predictable:

When approaching 50 to 100 people to connect with you we can predict how many will connect. We can also predict how many will agree to talk with you, via messaging, phone or in person . . . if you prefer.

This no-hype LinkedIn Strategy actually fills your calendar with your ideal prospects who want to talk to YOU! Therefore, it is imperative that you use LinkedIn for Safe, Secure and Predictable Leads.

There are a number of things one needs to put into place properly in order to do LinkedIn profitably. The cost is reasonable and the rewards can be exceptional.

Look carefully at your profile. That however is another lesson for another time. Or, get in touch with me and we can discuss that as it is a necessity to have it done correctly.

With the right strategy you can be writing business within two weeks of starting. Sooner if you are a fast learner.

I know of no other source apart from LinkedIn for Safe, Secure and Predictable Leads where your messages are 100% deliverable TO YOUR IDEAL PROSPECTS. This is a Game Changer.

Let me encourage you to check this out – see my LinkedIn profile: Joe Voutour.

For more on the joys, profitability and the How-To of LinkedIn . . . let’s talk. It could dynamically change your business!

Send me an email: and we’ll connect.

Thank You,
Joe Voutour