How To Giveaway Gifts to Business Owners and WHY???

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In about 3 minutes let me show You how to give away gifts to Business Owners . . and . . . WHY???       + earn a good income!

Listen . . . I have a non-Shiny Object  that is nothing short of Amazing!

I hate to admit this but I, perhaps like you, have bought far too many Shiny objects.


I could give you a list but let me ask you a simple question instead.

Have you ever purchased a digital product with the promise that anyone can do this? But after you made your purchase you find out that you needed to be far more knowledgeable about the internet than you ever wanted to be?

I finally found a product that I can d – a non-Shiny Object! How to give away gifts to business owners! It’s not only easy it’s something just about every business owner NEEDS! And . . . that is just one of the major reasons as to . . . WHY do This?

Let me ask you another question: Can you give away a gift, Free gifts to business owners? Could you give a Free gift to your auto mechanic, your barber or salon?

Could you give a Free gift to your electrician, landscaper, and to your dentist and chiropractor?

YES!!! YES!! . . . and . . . YES!!!

OK, if you can give away FREE gifts to business owners then you can do this and make a  good income. That’s what we are all about, how to give away gifts to business owners and get paid for doing so!

How to Giveaway Gifts To Business Owners and . . . WHY???

This is a product that most, if not every local business, needs!

In fact, if they do not use Your gift they’ll end up giving a lot of the money away to their competitors – money that they could have kept in their own pocket!.

The company behind this gift has an outstanding goal.

Their goal is to disrupt the pricing structure of the digital services industry. More about that another time but that means more dollars in Your pocket.

For every one you refer, people Who decide they like this Gift giving concept, you will earn $248.50.

And, for every business You make a gift to, you have the potential to earn $97 – month after month after month!

Do the math and you’ll be delighted.

There are a few details you need to know, nothing earth shattering.

Your take home pay for, say 10 clients paying $97 each, after PayPal and administration fees would amount to about $850 EVERY MONTH!

So Why do this?

Because it’s hard to Beat FREE!

It’s hard to Beat:
– Something every business needs, and
– A company who takes care of you
In fact their plan is to sell more digital items to each
of your clients and pay you a handsome commission.

They do the selling! It just Does Not get much better than that!

It’s hard to Beat:
– No worries about traffic
– No worries about doing any technical stuff
– Great support to train you and to answer all of your questions

OH! . . .  and did I say FREE!   – Yes – that is what you do.

Give away this product as a gift. It’s a 30 day Free Trail.

At the end of 30 days the company bills your client $97 and pays you up to $85 each.

I’m sure you have a few questions. But DO NOT MISS this opportunity to, at the very least, see if this is a fit for you or not.

There’s no Shiny Object here – this is real and whether you’re a techie person or a people person this will work for you.

So . . . give me a call:  253-740-5313  AZ time . . . please.

Joe Voutour
Business Development Specialist

Note:    Although this presentation is mainly for someone considering to become an affiliate the product here is for YOU to use for Your business.

If you want to achieve a better position online, on the internet, this tool will do that and more. Most of our clients see an increase in their business within 45 days or less.

So feel free to call me if you want more information or if you have a question about How to giveaway gifts to business owners and . . . WHY???

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