Tip 1 of 10 – Is Facebook Messenger For Your Business?

On August 9, 2011, Facebook introduced Messenger referred to, by many, as the New Email.

However, to compare the two is a misnomer. They are two different animals. Email is one directional. Someone sends an email and it may or may not be opened, and, it may or may not be answered.

Tip 1 of 10 on the use of MESSEMGER

Messenger, however, is a conversational instrument. It’s designed to be a two-way conversation. And, there may be several statements back and forth within a short period of time.

With Messenger you can actually engage with prospects and with customers, clients, patients. You can therefore use it to build a relationship.

Emails and Messenger are not competitors! No, in fact . . . they are allies. They can be used to build up each other. Just knowing this, think of what Messenger could mean to your business?

Messenger also allows for the way that most people want to communicate today. We no longer want to be bombarded with emails that we do not want. And most of us do not want to be anoyed with uninvited telephone sales people. With Messenger we can have a private conversation, get the info we want, and end it whenver we wish.

Tip number one, not using Messenger? START!

There’s more to come! So stay tuned for more tips, at least 9 more.

The next Tip, why?

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