10 Tips – Facebook Messenger Platform Automation, Easy, Traffic, & ROI – Part 1

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Is Facebook Messenger Good For Your Business?

The introduction of Messenger, a Facebook communications Platform, happened on August 9, 2011. Many now refer to this platform/app as the New Email. That is really a misnomer as they work very differently. However, Messenger may be replacing email and for good reason.

On FB Messenger, messages are delivered through notifications and text, so your audience is more likely to get them right away. And you can see if someone is typing a reply message back to you – people will wait for it and respond back immediately – click “send” and delivery is done, like . . . NOW!

People love the ability to message back and forth. You can engage a person, almost like a one-on-one conversation, in real time, and do it uninterrupted! Many folks are using this along with Skype, or instead of Skype, to “talk” with family and friends, or to communicate with businesses in far away places. Think of what that can mean in a business setting. Now add to that automation – I digress – but we will get there, hang-on.

A study done by Aspect states and 49% agreed that “If a company could get it right, I would rather conduct all my customer service interactions via text/chat/messaging” – we’re talking about a Bot.

Email and Messenger are compared with each other because of their open rates – access and readability.

Even though their open rate is 70% to 80% Messenger is said to be only used by less than 2% of the Business Community?

Emails? Open rate 25% to 30%, on a good day, with estimates as low as 15%.

The Point of Tip #1 of 10 is:

Is this the New Email? With open rates, 3 to 4 times that of email think of what Messenger could mean to your business communications!

Become a Fan and learn Why Messenger may be The Opportunity you need!

Tip #1, not using Messenger? . . . a word of wisdom . . . START!


Tip 2 of 10 –

WHY Consider Facebook Messenger For Your Business?

Messenger is designed to allow a Business to do so many things far beyond what any email campaign can ever accomplish.

For starters you can:

  • Customize your Messenger messages with The content that You want as well as with images, video and various types of Ads and messages.
  • Gather much more information and do it naturally.

ASK! Ask one question at a time after giving your reader a reason to answer . . . and . . . they will!

  • Organize that information into Google Sheets* or into your CRM* and do it automatically.

Tag and Trigger a follow-up strategy with far less effort than ever before.

You can Tag a keyword that your audience responds to. That becomes a Trigger which is used to send an appropriate message of follow-up to all who responded to that keyword.

  • Segment your audience for contacting according to their specific category that you assign.

This is much like the above but you can categorize people as a Buyer or a Prospect. Or you can find out if they are interested in one procedure versus another or when they are ready for a checkup, an audit or perhaps to buy or sell, depending on Your business.

  • Send special notifications of an Event, a Webinar, a new publication of Your Newsletter or Your Blog post.

These are only a few types of contacts or engagements possible.

A lot of these things can be built into your Bot* and make them happen on schedule and automatically. The end result, a richer relationship with those you want to do business with.

Become a Fan and learn Why Messenger may be The opportunity you need!

The Point of Tip #2 of 10 is:

In this series of “Why use Messenger in Your Business” you will soon see how more targeted traffic can be attained. For most Business owners Leads are paramount. Messenger can deliver an amazing number of qualified leads. Follow these 10 tips to see, learn the Why and the How. See this  brief Video http://bit.ly/fbmTip2.


Tip 3 of 10 –

A No Brainer Follow-up Strategy!

We all know Follow-up is a key strategy for producing more sales if not “The Strategy” for doing so.

However, it’s a nightmare for most of us. Most of us fail here.

What if you had a system that automatically sent messages to your prospects until they told you to “STOP” or . . .  they became a client?

Email open rates increase as you build Trust. Messenger will help you do just that, to Build Trust and to gather emails. The more ways you can “touch” your prospects and your valued customers the greater the volume of Your traffic, leads, and sales.

You can Follow up with Messenger, with emails gathered, phone numbers secured and with text messaging, video and or Skype!

Would that build your business?

YES! That is possible with Messenger!

Tip 3, Think about what follow-up messages you would send to your Prospects.

The Point of Tip #3 of 10 is:

Most of us, Business entrepreneurs, have a problem with Follow Up! YES? Messenger can not only change that but take list building to a new level and do it with ease. We know how, it’s called AI (Artificial Intelligence) or automation.

Have a look at this life changing tool via these 10 Tips  

Joe Voutour

JCV Marketing Associates

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*Bot – a tool to connect to Facebook Messenger to automate all of these things spoken of in these 10 Tips. We can help you DIY or we can DIF.

*Google Sheets – a spreadsheet – a Google Tool to help us organize our daily activities to do, projects, etc. https://www.google.com/sheets/about/

*CRM – stands for – Customer Relations Management, this is a software to track your prospects and customers.

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