How To Claim YOUR Business on Google AND Correct YOUR Citations

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How To Claim YOUR Business on Google AND Correct YOUR Citations

With a FREE Google site connection you complete one of the first steps needed for Google to treat you well . . . meaning a better position when people search for you, your product or service and your business.

Google searches for who you are throughout the internet. They include your “Google My Business” account as well as YouTube. Having the proper and accurate information about your business is of utmost importance. mAnd it is a great start. But there’s more . . . read on.

Google Reviews is but one of over 55 “citation” accounts that Google Reviews. These are also “citation” Platforms and they indicate who they see you are. Most of their information is inaccurate. It may be missing, messed with by other people or wrong for any number of other reasons.

Inaccurate information confuses Google. When Google is confused they assume those searching for you are also confused. That being the case your Google positions are not favored. That includes your website, YouTube account, your Google Reviews and other areas of interest to Google.

How To Claim YOUR Business on Google

Here’s the “How-To” to claim or check
on your “Google My Business” account

FIRST:   In the Google search bar, type: Google my business
(now hit your keyboard “enter” key)

NEXT:   In the screen that appears click on “Verify your Business”

In the top right of the page that comes up – click on the green bar, top, far right. There’s no need to “sign-in”.

Fill in the Info:   From there simply fill in the information required, apply for your “verification code” and watch for any additional information you can include.

Google will mail your “Verification code” which you must enter into your account via your computer.

PLUS: set up your FREE Google web-site.

A Few Tips and Reminders:

–   Fill in ALL the information – A C C U R A T E L Y and
–   Send for your “VERIFICATION CODE” and be sure the mailed code
comes directly to you, or to an employee who knows what it is.
–   Apply your “verification” code as soon after it arrives as you can.
–   Add some good photos, at least . . . monthly.
–   Whatever other information you can add do it and do it frequently.

This will keep your account fresh and show Google you’re engaged.

Now . . . Google will like you and, what you’re doing, better and favor you more.

The next 2 steps:
1. Gather as many 5 star Google Reviews as possible.
2. In ALL of the other “citation” sites correct youor information.

Correct YOUR Citations

Talk to me . . . I’ll get a report to you showing the inaccuracies of your information and get that corrected for you. Or, you can go to 55 plus accounts, shown on this report, and correct each one yourself. Whichever you prefer.

Hope this helped,

Joe Voutour
Info@123The, or

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