GiveAway Masters: The Story of it’s Creation

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GiveAway Masters: The Story of its Creation

Is This The Third Unlimited? What is that? and, is this that? It is interesting so . . . read on or . . . see the Videos below.

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Giveaway Masters! Scott tells us the story of how it was born, how he brought it to life and how success can be repeated.

The following was written by Scott Powell:

My name is Brien Scott Powell I’m the son of Woodson Lea Powell and Christine Mckenzie Williamson.
I was adopted and I’m here to help . . .
I began my story 34 years ago . . . after my 3rd DWI, I was given the opportunity to spend two weeks in jail and 30 days in rehab.
At 22 my life needed a change even though I didn’t know it.

The single most important event in my life occurred on May 22nd, 1984.
I had been in rehab 4 days and had no idea what an alcoholic was . . . not me . . . I had been the captain of my high school football team . . . captain of the baseball and soccer teams . . . MVP in all three sports in my senior year of high school . . . me an alcoholic . . . not possible!

Then on to college. I was the captain of the Snow Skiing Teams at 2 Colleges . . . with a 3.0-grade point average.

After four days of fighting, mentally that is, I thought this last 24 days in rehab would be easier if I played along with these simpletons.

I went to group therapy . . . . said, “My name is Scott and I’m an alcoholic.” Time stopped . . . I felt an overwhelming sense of peace I had never experienced before . . . I felt God talking to me saying everything was going to be alright, if, you do everything these people tell you to do.

I had a vital spiritual experience and my life has been different from that moment until now.

Jump forward 34 years . . . still clean and sober and the single most important fact in my life every day.
I’ve been a salesman all my working life.
First experience in selling was with an MLM company!
Growing up in Banner Elk NC I had no idea what a pyramid was . . . so I had no obstacles to overcome . . .

The key was . . . I WAS TEACHABLE!

The Power of “62” in Scott’s life

I listened to the folks in my up-line . . . now at 24 years old, I had never sold anything . . . did what I was told . . . too stupid not to . . . now I had been reading Think and Grow Rich every day for 60 days . . . reading and listening to audio tapes . . . I felt it was preparing my mind.

My results? Ok . . . in 62 days I sold 162k worth of water filters and my first two commission checks totaled $62,000 and the company, NSA, that year was the 62nd fastest privately owned company in the great ole USA!
Being TEACHABLE pays off! And 62 became a special number.

Ok, let’s jump ahead again.

At age 52 I decided to go into the wonderful world of Internet Marketing . . .
Here’s a bit of the Back Story . . . can’t make this up . . . In AA . . . Bill Wilson was really a drunks drunk, hopeless . . . he was not interested in AA being what it is today . . . Bill wanted to make MONEY!!!!!!!!! LOL
When Alcoholics Anonymous started in 1935 . . . the co-founder was Dr. Bob Smith a surgeon in Akron Ohio, known as Dr. Bob.

Bill was a stock-broker and Co-Founder along with Dr. Bob.
They thought they could start a business where Bill was the sales guy and Dr. Bob, the Medical Director was to create a chain of treatment centers.

Yes, Bill Wilson wanted to start a business, not a Movement!
So when the greed kicked in he sent a list of 61 rules to all the small groups.
He had to organize this thing. He was THINKING this was about him controlling it.

He only got back one response . . .
AA’s Rule 62 “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.”

God had bigger plans for the 12 Step Movement than ole Bill Wilson!

So when I was a Drug Abuse Counselor for a year and a half . . . working with kids. I was a bit unconventional. Never been what one would call . . . normal!

So my therapy technique focused on Groucho Marx glasses.
I called them my Rule 62 Glasses. Hey . . . Why not?

When the troubled kids came in my office I had them put the Rule 62 glasses on and tell their problems to a mirror!
Ya know . . . it worked every time!!??!!
It changed their state i.e. Tony Robbins

Just like all the 62’s in my first attempt at selling . . . kinda cool huh???
62 is one of my cool numbers . . . 12 is another.

Ok so then I got into IM . . . Internet Marketing.
I was eager . . . ready . . . hungry!
So I figured the best way was this teachable thingy . . . in the previous 28 to 30 years I made a great living selling . . . I love helping people by giving them solutions to their problems.

That’s what selling is to me . . . solving people’s problems.

So Internet Marketing . . . I get in . . . I’m excited and started buying what I needed . . . But, I had TWO problems . . . Painfully low in any techy stuff . . . and . . . part-time!

WOWZA I had a problem . . . I couldn’t do everything I needed to DO. I couldn’t even understand the instructions. Who can?

No way I could work full time and come home and be a product creator . . . an email setter upper . . . a salesman . . . and everything else!
I just couldn’t do it, I didn’t understand how to make it happen . . . Do You?

Over a period of 4 years of trying . . . and spending over $32,000 I could not make this thing work! Have You?

And I am not the tallest, best looking, smartest fella you will ever meet……but one thing I do have . . . no quitting sense. I’ve got no quit in me . . . I just don’t know how to quit!

But I kept remembering Think and Grow Rich . . . ask for help . . . IMAGINE!

So I looked at the problem like a mathematical equation . . . two pieces . . . one result!

Too stupid not to try what Napoleon Hill said:
1. Unlimited Traffic
2. Unlimited Products
3. How to link the two Unlimiteds?????

Well, when Al Gore created the internet folks figured they could sell there!
The internet folks decided to go the HOW-TO route!

GiveAway Masters: The Story of its Creation

The internet marketers would sell folks The Manual and. . . tell them how-to-do-things that would make them money!
Problem . . . The Manual idea did not bring great results!

Over time the HOW-TO method resulted in 92% of the folks . . . part-time and low tech . . . making less than a $1,000 a month.
My question was: Is that good enough?
I said NO! No those two unlimited, Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Products were not enough . . . there HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY! And I was determined to find it!

So Think and Grow Rich says . . . IMAGINE you are getting help!

So every day I sat and IMAGINED! I imagined that I was talking to Albert Einstein . . . we will find a better way!

So, the very next day I took some quiet time to talk to Al . . . told him this problem and the possibility if something else was put in that third spot.

I was sleeping one night . . . about two weeks later . . . I had this strange dream . . . I saw some kind of mechanical gears . . . it was dark, I could hardly see in the darkness . . . but the darkness was kind of surrounded by a very dim light . . .

Then one of the gears shifted and the motor seemed to switch on . . . the whole motor kind of struggled and started moving . . .

Then the light got brighter and I could hear this whirring sound . . . and I saw writing on a piece of paper beside the engine . . . the third unlimited that I was looking for . . . the words . . . “working with”.

I understand 100% how you might take this . . . yes, even you. If it didn’t happen to me, and I read what you just heard, I would think this person is a nut-case or a liar or he’s completely lost his mind.

I can’t offer you anything more than the truth . . . my experience. This happened and has been THE force driving me to overcome almost unbearable obstacles to be where we are at today.

So what happened next? . . . after I decided I was sane . . . I started applying what this “WORKING WITH” thing could mean. I had no idea but figured the way it was going . . . what did I have to lose?

Part-time and low tech . . . WAS NEVER GOING TO WORK! Except for those sellers selling their hopes to dopes.

But IF . . . with the two Unlimiteds: Non-techie and part-time . . . a strategy of EPIC failure . . . a 92% FAILURE rate . . . what about that Third Unlimited . . . the “WORKING WITH” idea. How would that work?

What the bright Shiny Object creators and sellers do not have . . . and I might be a bit harsh here . . . I’m going to call a spade a spade . . . but this is my message back to those who ridiculed me, laughed at me and kicked me out of their groups . . . and those who ripped me off.

The bright Shiny Object creators and sellers have NO KAHUNAS (could use another word for dramatic effect – starts with a B but we’ll pass on that) those people have no TRUE PASSIONATE BELIEF in what they’re creating and selling . . .

Why? Because they’re not willing to put one microscopic cell of their own cotton picking skin into the game.

They’re willing to sell people and then they’re left to fend for themselves.
No Kahunas!

I’ve just got 3 words to this unethical kahuna less terds……..’BYE, BYE and BYE.”

Maybe 4 more words if I might, and then I am DONE with them, and moving forward to the work I was destined to do . . . to help people.

Those 4 words? . . . “I TOLD YOU SO!”

OK, so I went on and spent close to the next 4 years sharing my idea . . . I got laughed at, ridiculed, ripped off . . . experienced rejection I would not wish on anyone, even me. I wanted to quit 100 times . . . did . . . but then when I laid down at night I could hear that darn whirring sound again.

I tried coaching . . . got ripped off from the most despicable person I have met in IM . . . a true and complete and utter scum bag gutter rat . . . and am I bitter . . . no . . . one day the way he treats people, it’s gonna catch up to him.

I got into groups of people wanting to make money online . . . shared my “WORKING WITH” idea . . . seemed to make more and more sense to me!

NO . . . they Laughed . . . moderators and owners of FB groups asked me to leave or just kicked me out.

I even came up with a name for the strategy. I called it . . . NFOP . . . Newbie Failing Online Paradigm. 92% of those who enter IM will make 1k a month or less. And those bright Shiny Object sellers . . . they know that. Most, if not all, have a serious . . . serious . . . issues with their ethics.

Failure after failure . . . I’ve read a lot about success . . . seems every success is built on failure after failure.
But there’s one common ingredient of those who succeed . . . As Churchill said: Never, Never, NEVER, GIVE UP!

3 major breaks did come my way . . . and I can’t share this with enough sincerity . . . before I share those let me say with all sincerity,
You are to never give up . . . Things eventually will bend in your favor.
And . . . You just have to decide!
Decide that you’re willing to go to any length to see your Vision to reality.

One thing my momma taught me through my Grandfather . . .
John T. Mckenzie. I called him Daddy John.
Daddy John taught me early on things that only benefitted me . . .
because I applied them…..

He told me to remember 3 things ALWAYS

1. If it ain’t right don’t do it
2. If it ain’t yours don’t take it
3. It ain’t true don’t say it

My First Break: 

Finding a Google Review System which is a jewel of epic proportions . . . Google is really our best friend . . . they’re doing everything they can to encourage folks to leave reviews. 3rd party Documentation everywhere!

One thing I learned about selling and Paradigm Shifting . . . was to catch a trend at the right time and HOLD ON!
Online Reviews are a TREND there’s not just a fad . . . more and more folks . . . like millennials use them when deciding who to do business with. Today online reviews are the same as yesterday’s personal referrals.

Google will reward your business with better rankings when you have consistent Google Reviews. We found an automated system that will help your business . . . or ANY BUSINESS . . . get a consistent flow of 4 and 5 Star Reviews! Now, this can be H U G E for You!

My 2nd Break

Social Agency Pro is the single most brilliant business model ever created.

These wonderful people showed me the business model that made everything fall into place.

They got a bunch of people to give them a little money so they could to be their lead generators. They give away their service FREE for a week . . . THEY DO THEIR SERVICE FOR YOU . . . and then they both make money together when the deal closes. They “worked with” their people!

The Google Review Service I found is even better . . . more reach, a simpler onboarding process . . . and . . .
GOOGLE helps business people know that they need it.
This is FREE for A full 30 days to help the business owner see and get RESULTS.

Then ask for a small monthly fee to keep the results coming.

I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to the ladies of Social Agency Pro and will never forget their vital contribution.

My 3rd Break

– Sharing my idea with Kenny Cannon.
This is a man I have the utmost respect for. A little secret . . . please just between us. First time I heard this guy . . . Best Salesman I ever heard . . . and I’ve heard them all.

He has this combination of being brash and sincere at the same time that is just amazing!

I knew I needed the right person to help me share GiveAway Masters with the world. I shared idea after idea with this man for 4 years and he said NO every single time.

Until I shared the combination of Google Reviews and Done For You or “with you”. He shared on video what he said, about the moment I shared my idea with him. Possibly the greatest compliment I have ever received and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

So . . . You can see what having a “no quitting mind-set” WILL get you! I got a Partnership with The Greatest Salesman in The World!
And . . . you can take that to the Bank . . . literally! YOU CAN!

NOW . . . now, we are unleashing GiveAway Masters to the world!

We’ve added Jeff Robinson (another World-Class guy) to handle our Fulfillment and help Kenny train our GiveAway Masters’ members.

Now, “The Rest of The Story” . . .

We’re about to disrupt the pricing structure of the Digital Services Industry AND Transform the IM industry . . . where people like me can succeed . . . you know . . . low tech and part-time (but think what you could do full-time!!!).

We will offer every digital service the local business owner needs, to our Members, at wholesale prices.

Then, our Members will offer those services at below present pricing. Everyone Wins!

Doubt us? We are building an Army NOW!

Let me add a few brief last things as I end my story . . .

First is about BELIEF . . . most folks have it backward. . . they think it sees then believe . . . doesn’t work that way. If you are listening to this and you don’t want to join us . . . maybe this is something that might benefit you anyway.

BELIEVE first and work every day to turn that into an unshakeable belief . . . to succeed, bringing your Vision into Reality . . . you’re gonna need a level of BELIEF that you’re not capable of right now. You’re going to be required to forge that BELIEF as solid as the universes strongest element . . . after that . . . piece of cake. Doing that is why few DO!

Last Thing! Here’s a formula for Happiness that works for me. Why?
If one is Happy . . . no matter what . . . it makes NEVER giving-up a ton easier.

Ok the formula: 3 questions asked every night before you lay your head down for a peaceful night of rest and . . . One simple suggestion. My Formula for Ridiculous Happiness . . . try it, it works for me, might work for you.

1. Today did I LIVE?

Live in 24-hour segments . . . GIVE ALL YOU GOT EVERY DAY . . . you might not get another day . . . make this one count.

2. Today did I LOVE?

Money does not matter . . . Things do not matter . . . God’s other kid’s matter. Today tell the people you love . . . how much!
You and they might not be here another day.

3. Today did I Matter?

The answer is simple here . . . DO 1 and 2 above.
The answer to 3 . . .  is then on autopilot!

Last thing, One suggestion on how to treat God’s other kids . . . IMAGINE how God would want you to treat them. And treat every person you meet this day . . . as your only day.
Yes, as if it were the last time you will ever see them.

There you  have  it folks, the birth of GiveAway Masters

Thank You for your interest in this no-frills, non-techy business opportunity as an affiliate.

`. . . feel free to comment below.

If you have questions . . . or want more information you can reach me by email at:
When emailing me, for quicker attention, in the Subject Line write:      “Giveaway Masters info”.

Below is a view of the above story in a very interesting Video Presentation:

GiveAway Masters: The Story of its Creation

Interested? If so, send me an email so we can talk.

Thank You!

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