THE #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-PART PACKAGE, for YOUR Local Business

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Today, in 2018-2019, and throughout the foreseeable future, this 5-Part Package is now and will continue to be . . .

The #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-Part PACKAGE, for YOUR Local Business!

#1? . . . YES!! . . . Because it absolutely works!

Some of these parts may be more difficult than others for some folk . . . BUT . . . keep in mind that you can choose the ones you want to do yourself versus, those you can have done for you.

This Video is a brief introduction to THIS article.

Part 1
A Business FACEBOOK page – An Engaging FB page

The key here is Engagement. When you have your audience “working with” you your sales will grow dramatically. If no one is listening AND responding do you really have an audience? Not really.

An audience that engages with what you post will at the same time share your content with their audience. This is how you can grow your audience.

There is a certain skill to this. And, there are a number of moving parts. See our resource page for DFY sources we recommend.

Or, ask about the 7-Day makeover, that may still be available, FREE!

Part 2

Your Website – Yes You Do Need One

Here again we need engagement. Include articles that your audience will interact with – enjoy – and engage. See the importance of Video below.

Don’t have a Website? In our economy today your potential clients expect you to have a web-page. Well . . . At the very least put together a free Google web-page. Something in this area will always be better than nuttin!

Google will do a FREE website – you put in the content, they will host it/publish it. It may not be the best but it is currently available.

Or, check-out Word Press as there are several FREE themes available. This is one of those. You will still need to purchase a hosting provider.

Part 3
Video – A Must on Your Website!

Google favors the websites with Video over those who do not have Video. The more the better. That is, the more videos you have on your website, the better.

A Realtor can always to an “Open House” video. Show what you have for sale. Shoot a video on your camera, add your description, publish it on YouTube and publish on your Newsletter. AND, place it on your webpage linking your video to an article. Your article needs to be no more than an embellishment of your video script. Link those to each other.

What do YOU have for sale? Or, what does your service look like? Tell your story on video. Have a look at this example of one man’s story. See what he went through to create his business.

What about a series of videos to teach your potential buyer about what you  and your products or service provides. What’s the story behind them?

With just a bit of creativity you can, at the very least, get started. START! Then look to see how you can improve things. We’ll be glad to help in any way you see fit.

Part 4
Google Reviews – This the most important part of  The #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-Part PACKAGE, for YOUR Local Business

This should be listed FIRST! Why? Because we’re looking for new business! We’re looking to grow! We’re looking for potential customer, clients or patients . . . who . . .  Do Not know that we even exist!

These people are searching for us on Google and other review platforms. They do not know where our Facebook or websites are.

Google Reviews are THE ESSENTIAL key to this whole Marketing Strategy Package.

According to YouGov,

78% of consumers in the US read reviews before making a purchase decision!

YouGov also found that 87% of consumers TRUST Online reviews as much as they TRUST friends and family’s referrals.

Online reviews are the new referrals system. YES, Personal Referrals are still exceptional. But online reviews are both easier to secure and they are also highly trusted . . . when done right!

TRUE STATEMENT: Online reviews are discovered by potential customers searching for your products and/or services. Your Facebook page and Website is not easily discovered . . . not until they know your name . . . not until they know who you are.

Once these folks find you they will THEN turn to your website and your Facebook page for verification and for more information. Now they know who you are!

They we’re referred to you by a good friend or by finding you service the “product” they want, or by  finding you provide the service they want.

Hopefully, the picture is now a bit clearer.

We often hear website developers say: “Do not buy any other service until we get your website fully developed!”

  1. Your Website is a breathing, living organism that is never fully completed.
  2. It is YOUR referrals, your REVIEWS, that bring people to YOU, to Your Facebook page and . . . to Your website. Therefore START with a strong, aggressive strategy to out-perform your competition with excellent Reviews and significantly more reviews than they have. Your customers, if you treat them right, will do that for you.

Google Reviews are the staring point for your “5 Part Package” because this is the “feeder line” to and for the other parts of YOUR package Strategy!

Part 5
A “Google My Business” Account

You need to have this account filled out with as much information as it will handle. PLUS, the other 55, or more, review sites need to have the correct data about your business.

If you do not know how to claim your company, or correct your inaccurate information of what Google has about you review this article for help.

Also, ask us for our 55 Site Review Report. This will tell you how accurate your information is through some 55 review or citation sites. And, we will make this available to you FREE!

Our experience is that the majority of businesses have more than 50% of their information inaccurate throughout these 55 sites. When Google reviews that information they will not favor that business as well as a business with solid accurate information. Talk to us about this . . . it is important to your online presence.

With these strategies in place, in most cases, you will be the Go-To-Business in your discipline in your local. Your competition will be hard pressed to overtake or overcome your online presence.

Please feel free to contact us for further clarification – and – leave your comments below!

The practice of these 5 important keys, or strategies, that will greatly improve your online presence. THE #1 Marketing Strategy, A 5-PART PACKAGE, for YOUR Local Business!

Hope the above helps.

Joe Voutour
Online Reviews – Video – Facebook

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