We FIRED Our Cell Phone Provider

Yes . . . we FIRED our cell phone provider!


Because we are like most people, we wanted to stop paying those monthly bills or, at the very least, pay a lot less.

Yeah, we wanted to save a buck, we wanted to cut our expenses.

In this case, our monthly mobile phone bill – it’s gone – it is no more.

YES! In the place of Monthly Mobile Phone Bills, we have unlimited calls, text and data*. All around, we have better service along with no monthly mobile phone bill. We love it!!

In fact, we love it so much I’m an Authorized Reseller of this service. Biased? You bet and now passionate to help others save as we do with this innovative “Price Disrupter” approach to the mobile phone industry.

Our outlook goes something like this: “What’s better, a low monthly bill or no monthly bill? For us the answer is obvious”.

In our case that’s going to be over $4,000 on each of two phone lines.
We paid $43 per line per month or $516 a year x 2 lines = $1,032 x 9 years is $9,288 or savings of $4,644 per line, because those phone bills are gone.

YES . . . we did . . . We FIRED Our Cell Phone Provider!

Why Did we fire our cell phone provider? Mainly because of 2 things. Briefly said, because of savings and because of unlimited calls, text and data*.
That IS Huge!!! There’s no comparison to my old antiquated service.
* See website for unlimited data details.

Why 9 years?
Because the new SIM cards we purchased provides 9 years of service. That speaks volumes to price. The number of years without phone bills means greater ROI. We are interested in a good return on our investments (ROI).

As you know, nothing is FREE. We paid $348, one-time, to save $4,644 – 348 for the SIM card and to keep our number (plus $32 for tax, shipping and handling) or a savings of $4,264 per line. For us that calculated to be such a Return On Investment, or ROI, that it was a no-brainer for us.

You can do the same . . . and we would highly recommend doing so, or at the very least check it out before there is a price increase. Click here for access to the website. https://mcsTelecom.com/171.html.

You’ll find a lot of information at the website, scroll down on that first page, when it appears, for more valued information. Then check out the FAQ and REVIEW tabs. That done, go ahead and participate in our “Price Distruptor” community, get your SIM card and start saving money with an unlimited cell service. I think you will quickly find this to be one of a kind!

See this brief Introductory Video

Monthly Payments for Mobile Phone Service – Revolutionary – Unique and Eliminated

Before securing your new SIM card 3 things YOU need to Know.

1.   Possible Penalty for early withdrawal

Your current carrier may charge a penalty for leaving before your               contract expires. Check with them to see what that cost might be, if any.

Although most providers have done away with contracts you may have a phone financed. If you are financing a phone you will owe the balance due.

Then do Your own savings math calculations. Even with penalties,
your savings per line will still probably be a good to an excellent ROI.

2.   About Unlimited Data and FREE Upgrades 

This service provides unlimited data*. Meaning no matter how much data you use there is no additional charge, as long as it is reasonable.
* See website for unlimited data details.

Although the data is unlimited, and, because we are in beta mode you start each month with 2GB of data per line, for now. Should you use that up before the end of a month of service your access will just be throttled or slowed down. Your data remains unlimited, just a bit slower, and no charge. Then at the beginning of the next month you have your 2GB back again. But that is not the end result, read on.

As more people enroll the 2GB service will increase to 4GB then 6GB, etc. without slowing. So . . . let family and friends know, save them money and get our monthly data increased by referring them to us.

3.   How does the Company make money?

The founder/owner/inventor of this service has a passion for quality products with excellent service and fair pricing.

Since the Social Media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. provide their service free why not free cell phone monthly service is the thinking?

Social Media and Mobile Phone platforms both have the same streams of revenue. Because of that, and other new technologies and business capabilities, this new “Price Disruptor” provider is able to control their costs better than most other providers.

Therefore, you and I have access to innovative mobile phone service at a reasonable cost. A new SIM card and NO monthly bills!

Yes, there is a cost for the equipment, a SIM card for your phone. But there is no charge for the ongoing monthly service which is continually updated and upgraded. This new technology and passion keeps dollars in your pocket.

Try this on for size

Whatever it is that you now pay for your mobile phone bill, use those dollars to pay off any penalties and for your new SIM card. Once those are paid off you are at your break-even point. From there and through to the end of 9 years of service you are in savings mode.

Then what happens? At the end of year 9 you SIMly renew your SIM card, $300, and continue for another nine years without any more phone bills.

Note: Price of renewal will be the same as the price when you acquired your first SIM card. Price may increase for new participants due to increased services. Renewal price will be grand-fathered at your original price.

Service Quality

Check out the Phone’s website for how this works and note the built in quality, thinking and ongoing updates and free upgrades.

Once understood you will be amazed at this innovative, unique and revolutionary platform for providing your phone service.

Visit the website and checkout the related brief videos – see below.

And . . . Most Important . . .
Become a participant of our “Price Disruptor” community at:

From the above, hopefully, you can readily see why we fired our cell phone provider.

Thank YOU, for your interest, your comments below and for your consideration!

Joe Voutour
Authorized Reseller
The Phone’s website:


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