need MORE TRAFFIC ?!?!?

WHAT we do and HOW we do it

Do You need More Traffic for Your Business? If so have a look at what we do and How we do it, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

As a Contractor you’re probably promoting your business in several different ways. Although Groupon advertising has been one Ad source many use there are more profitable ways of driving traffic to your business – much more profitable!

See the article in this brief Video

It’s almost always profitable to offer a Special Promotion . . . when done right. However, when you share half of your promotional price you may end up with an expensive message. Groupon, as you know, takes half of the price paid for offers sold.

We like our clients to keep all of the money they collect. And it does not end there. If there’s ever any need for a refund, You take care of that with your Customer. Groupon collects those dollars in advance . . . just in case. We like you to have control.

We use Facebook in a strategic and specific way targeting those people who are most likely to want and most likely to buy your offers. Results? You receives More Sales!

When someone clicks on your Ad they see your promotion page as a mirror of the offer they just clicked on.

Regular Price $2,495 Now 20% off for only $1,999

The page they see will include:

– Your Promotional Offer, the price and the discounted price

– They will see the images that are applicable to you and your business, such as your Logo, etc.

And . . . we like to include 2 or 3 fresh favorable Reviews from your customers – this goes a long way to their understanding of who You are.

  • Your Prospects will click on Your coded Coupon in order to download it to their email.

– Advertisers, like Groupon, keep the emails that they receive from your customers. With us, you receive notification and you receive Your prospect’s email immediately upon their registration for your coded Coupon. This is huge because it allows you to send out emails as you wish, on a regular basis or for a Special Promotion, or for a Newsworthy item linked to your business. You have control of Your Customer.

– After your prospect receives your Coupon they will then receive a Thank You email, with your Logo and a message encouraging them to use their Coupon ASAP.

– We’ll also send out reminders to recipients to use their Coupon before it expires.

– We set up the offer You want with the price You want with an expiration date.

OK so . . . How can you get started?

We offer a no-obligation 10 day Trial for $50.

You pay us nothing for our expertise and services.

The $50 is for payment of your Facebook Ads that we run for you,

$5 per day for 10 days.

This is a simple way for you see if this is a fit for you.

And this approach allows you to decide whether or not you want to work with us on a month to month basis – no contracts, you may cancel at any time.

That done we’ll discuss a price point that is acceptable to you and for us to continue.

And all your payment information is between you and Stripe – to which we have absolutely no access.

If you wish to go forward with your 10 Day Trial – please – feel free to give us a call and we’ll arrange a time to get you set up. I’ll need a few details, takes perhaps 15 to 20 minutes.

928-249-1900 or email:

I hope you’ve found this to be informative . . . enough so that, I trust, we can arrange to do some business together as I look forward to working with you.

Thank YOU!

You have a GREAT Day and Bye for now

Joe Voutour

10 Steps to Lead Your Field A 5 Star Review Strategy

YES, with these 10 Steps you will Lead Your Field With This 5 Star Review Strategy.   –   find links to hyperlink as many words as possible

Your Business, or Your field of business, your product or service will appear in the top positions with this 5 Star Review Strategy!

The statistics are such that every local business needs a strong strategy to dominate their discipline in their community.

What makes you better than your competition?

In the mind of the consumer you are perceived better because of your up-to-date and current reviews. People do not care how you ranked 3 or 4 months ago. They want to know who you are today.

Do not be overwhelmed by the following as the majority of it can be done effectively and inexpensive . . . even cheap!.

For a Strong Dominating 5 Star Position you will need to do the Following

1.   Customer Service
For 5 star reviews we must start with a business where the customers love you! Excellent Customer Service always prevails!

2.   Google
It is easy to do. You probably already have a Google Business page. If not you may click here to build your Business Google page. Go to the “HOME” tab click on the green “Start Now” button and have some fun – fill in the info to build a FREE Google web page for your visitors.

This will allow for your Google Reviews. It will also help with your Google positioning when people search for you and your services.

3.   Educate
Educate your customer on how to leave a review. If you have a system, tell them how it works.

If you outsource your invitations to be sent, tell them to expect your invitation on their phone before the end of the day (or in the next few seconds) and ask for their comments, good or bad.

First you need to invite your clients, patients or customers to write a review. No invitation will be completed unless it is sent . . profound . .

5.   Engagement
Whenever a comment, or a review, is left . . . please . . . please . . . respond. The majority of people expect/want a response. Most people never see one. Go above and beyond – that is what excellent customer service is all about – engage with your audience. Respond with kindness, even love, to their comments.

Most of the “getting reviews” can be farmed out. This area you, or someone in love with working with you, needs to do. Become a feedback fanatic. WHY? Most of your competition will not do this. And, your reputation can explode. You will become The go-to-people in your business type in your local area,

6.   Keep it Simple
The process must be easy for your customer to complete. Most do not want to or know how to get to Google to leave a review. Therefore it does not get done.

The above is also exactly true for most local business owners. Or, there just is not enough time in the day to do this. Therefore it never happens.

That is when it is best to turn to an outside source. For a 30 day Free Trial click here.

7.   Email Signature
Sign all your emails with an invite to leave a comment about your business. You can hyperlink this to your “Leave a Comment” button or your “Leave a Review” button as part of your email signature. See the “Settings” button in your email home page to set up your signature.

Or, in the signature area include simple hyperlinked phrase like: “Your Feedback is appreciated, Please . . . Leave a Google Review.”

8.   Email Invitations
Other than Customer Service, and engagement, the above can all  be Done For You. This one is for you to do, if you have the time, or a key person devoting a significant amount of time.

And . . . this person also needs a specific skill set to do this right. Email!

First you need to set up a series of email invitations. Most of your customers will not respond to the first email invitation received.

These emails give your customers a choice of leaving a positive email, a 4 or 5 star rating. Or, they may register a complaint, a 3 or less star rating. Depending on which they choose your customer is routed to the appropriate page to carry out their wishes, or yours.

For a more detailed article on how-to do this click here.

9.   Set-up a Google Account
You do not need a gmail account. When you set-up, free by the way, just place in the box “I prefer my own email”.

Keep in mind that if you have any Google related account you already have a Google account. So, you already have a Google account if you have an account with: YouTube, Blogger, Maps, Chrome and a lot more other Google related accounts.

Did you list your business on Google my business, or, do you have a Google search bar? You guessed it . . . you already have a Google account.

10.   Do not Offer an Incentive for a Google Review!
This is not legit when playing with Google. So . . . simple . . . don’t do it as you will more than likely be found out and shut down.

With these 10 Steps to Lead your field you have the makings for an excellent 5 Star Reviews Strategy.